Why Tasting or Eating Cum at Least Once Should Be On Your Bucket List

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Semen, commonly known as sperm, is made of spermatozoa. The texture of the cum is either yellowish or grey cream. It contains sperm and various kinds of fluids and is safe to swallow. Should you try it, though? It’s your choice, but here are some common benefits of it and why we think that you should try cum eating at least once.

Of All the Food, Why Semen?

First of all, it’s a complete turn-on for some and a turn-off for others. It can be a fetish that increases sexual tension for both partners as well. So, if you’re curious and decide to try it, here’s what to have in mind. 


Some people are allergic to semen, so be careful about that. It contains from five to seven calories and is not rich in protein. Also, men’s semen tastes and smells like the food they consume.


Semen eating can also be a mood booster because it contains endorphins, oxytocin, and serotonin. Due to all that, there are other health benefits of swallowing cum. Namely, it’s a great therapy for stress relief, and it helps with pregnancy health as well.

Does It Taste Good?

Will you like the idea of ​​swallowing cum? No one can give you an answer to this question. While some are horrified at the very mention of sperm, others take it with pleasure. Here are some facts about cum tastes and how to improve that taste.


We still do not have scientific facts on this topic. However, the experiences of others might help us decide whether we’re up for trying or not. The flavor of cum changes daily with the diet and other factors. And, it is completely different for each person. The flavors range from salty to sweet and sometimes bitter.


What affects its taste? Above all, hydration. The seed consists partly of water, and if a person is not hydrated enough, it can become darker and saltier. Alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes will produce bad taste. A bad lifestyle and diseases do the same.


Now that we know what to eat, is there a way to improve the taste? Of course! Do the opposite of all the bad habits we mentioned. Include lots of fruits and vegetables with high water content in your diet and drink eight glasses of water daily. If you are planning a romantic evening, avoid dairy, meat, and highly processed foods.

How Do You Benefit From It?

And now a little more detail on the benefits of swallowing cum. In a crazy world filled with drama, people often hire professional help, such as therapists or meditation instructors. But, what if we told you that semen eating is one of the natural antidepressants?


We have already mentioned that it contains hormones responsible for happiness, pleasure, and calming your mind. Oxytocin, for example, makes people feel attached to each other. Sperm also contains progesterone, which can have a beneficial effect on people suffering from anxiety.


There’s another thing in it that’s called spermidine. Scientists have researched and proven that ingestion of this substance extends the lifespan of various animals. There is also evidence that it prevents liver disease and liver cancer.


Swallowing cum can also have a huge impact on the nervous system because it contains nerve growth factor, which is vital for maintaining the brain neurons. Oh, imagine how many terrible diseases you will eliminate in old age if you now learn to enjoy cum eating?

What Satisfaction Can You Get From It?

Whether you have a fetish for swallowing a cum or are a confused beginner just finding out about this, there are many testimonials on why you might enjoy doing it. It’s fun, it’s weird, it’s different. It arouses and strengthens the bond between partners.


We asked a young woman in her early twenties why she was into it. She told us her story. One night, after a party, she went to a park near the beach with two guys. She wanted to try something new, and they both cummed in her mouth. She loved the taste of semen, so she continued doing it almost every time after intercourse.


Some women are stingy when it comes to taste, so they do it for other reasons. Here is another story. A 19-year-old tried cum eating for the first time in the comfort of her room during her college years. The idea of doing it was always in her mind, but as she claims, the guys were too shy to suggest it. 


In one of the relationships she had, everything was open. Any conversation was welcome. She had that kinky attitude, and he suggested it first. She was excited, and she didn’t like a mess on her body.


The guy asked her to give him oral sex, and after the juices came out of the penis, he asked her to swallow. He promised she would like it. And now? Now she is the one to initiate it first.

Do We Recommend It?

For God’s sake, yes! Do you want new challenges and unique experiences? Then this is the right thing for you. The taste is different every time, and the experience is inevitably better. Considering other health benefits, you should try it. 


Why not? It’s time for unique experiences. We do not exclude the ingestion of semen by and from trans women either. Whatever tickles your excitement. Some women, but also men, find this action erotic. It makes them horny. Indeed, semen swallowing is pushing across the border. Exciting!


BDSM, threesomes, and other kinky activities and parties are not as exciting anymore. Seed-eating, on the other hand, feels so uniquely hot. Simply, this is intimate and can make you pretty horny. Unless you have a strong aversion to it, we see no compelling reason not to try. We would love the next cum-eating confession we read on the internet to be yours!

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