Is it time to upgrade to an extra butt plugs?

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Sexual pleasure is the otherworldly feeling which everyone wants to attain. Getting natural sexual pleasure is difficult for some people because of the busy schedule or the impotency. Though impotency is not always the cause, but to attain orgy we use different sex toys which provide immense pleasure.

These sex toys come in every size and shape. These are more often used by females for attaining an orgy. Some of the most prevalent sex toys used in the industry are dildos, buttplugs, spanker and many more. Some sex toys are easy to use, but some are complicated, such as the sex equipment used for BDSM are more complex. These sex toys are penetrated mainly in the vagina but others also prefer it for anal sex.

When something is contacting your most delicate part of the body than maintaining hygiene and getting an elaborative knowledge about that is mandatory. In this article, we are going to explore the butt plugs, its usage and when you need to upgrade to extra butt plugs for maintaining the streak of sexual pleasure.

What is a butt plug?

Those who are partially aware of this sex toy should know that the butt plug is a sex toy that is made for insertion into the rectum for attaining sexual pleasure. Partially these are similar dildo, but they are way smaller. It has also the flanged end, which unable to get lost inside the rectum.

Butt plugs can be made from numerous material in which latex is the common of all. Silicone, neoprene, wood, metal, glass, stone, and many other materials can also be used for making this, silicone is the safest and hygienic of all as it can be disinfected just by putting it into the boiling water.

With the advent of technology, this sex toy comes with numerous features such as vibrating, inflating, etc.

Reasons for upgrading to an extra butt plug

There are times when you get bored of the same sex toy or it becomes wear and tear. Before getting towards the period of changing or upgrading we should know about the constraints behind it. These are some of the reasons which cause a substantial amount of concern.

  • Got one heck of a big butt plug

When you get first acquainted with the idea of getting sexual pleasure through butt plugs, then you will surely opt for a substantially big butt plug, believe just a big butt plug will not provide you much pleasure. It may affect vice versa, and something gets damaged, as inside the rectum, there are delicate parts that can get damaged. If you find just a bit of pain while inserting it or while making a continuous insertion, then you should opt for an extra butt plug. There are numerous butt plugs which come in small sizes, but provides immense pleasure due to the different innovations.

Believe me the right time for opting for an extra butt plug is when you feel unsafe from this object.

  • When it is too small that it gets lost sometimes in the rectum

This is contradictory though, but it is quite true that if the butt plug is too small, then you have a sole constraint which is the insertion of butt plug too inside. Sometimes it gets stuck and causes pain. If you are opting for a tiny butt plug then you should be aware of the fact that it may get dislodged inside your rectum which can cause massive complications. It is said that the length of the butt plug should not be as much as the massive dildos but it is also not preferable to be too small. Just keep the size of this sex toy in check.

If this happens to you often while experiencing sexual pleasure, then it is a good time to upgrade to an extra butt plug.

  • When you find that lube is mandatory

When you find that your current butt plug causes friction while insertion, then this is the par time to upgrade yourself with an extra butt plug. The main matter of fact is the delicate skin around the rectum and vagina. If your butt plug gets any friction while inserting to the rectum then without any doubt opt for another one. It’s better to play safe as the skin infection near genitals can cause excessive irritation and pain. After a prior time, every butt plug gets worn up due to continuous usage or mishandling. You can safely procure it to minimize the frictional damage.

  • When you are more into anal sex and want to use butt plug frequently

It is the foremost desire of some females to opt for buttplug while opting for anal sex. Opting for anal sex is the complex decision you take while using these butt plugs. The anal rectum opening is much narrower than the vaginal opening. So if you want to opt this butt plug for that then first opt for a small one which can easily get in and out. Just for the sake of using it, you don’t have to apply that. it may cause harm to the part where it getting to inserted. Lubing is the most effective and mandatory approach for butt plugs to be used anally. Opt for an extra smaller one for anal sex.


After knowing about the different constraint which may come after or while using these sexual products you are eligible to take a cautious step. Some concerns are massive and may cause medical intervention. To avoid the chances of that intervention you should take immense care of your sex toys and also to the way it is affecting you. Just getting a sense of pleasure is not adequate. Sometimes indulging in the voyage of sexual pleasure can cause fatal accidents that should not be entertained at any cost.

Just attaining sexual pleasure is not good at all but getting it with all precautions is preferable. If you think you are up for a bigger challenge, then you would be happy to know that you can get huge discount for a huge loveplug from loveplugs stores online!

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