How to Make the Most of Strapless Dildos?

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Strap-on dildos are great but it’s the chunky part of harness that spoils the fun for many. Enters- “Strapless Dildos”.  In simple words, they are dildos without the heavy straps that you find with strap-on dildos. Given the absence of chunky straps, these toys are always a breeze to use and hence can easily optimize your pleasure quotient. You must be all geared up to know more about these strapless dildos. The good thing is, the post below offers a handy guide on these amazing toys and how to enjoy them at their fullest.

Strapless dildos- a brief overview

To start with, a strapless dildo comes in an “L”-shaped contour. One end of the toy resembles a molded penis tip as you see with a regular dildo. The other end of the toy takes the shape of a bulb. In this regard, it must be mentioned that strapless dildos are especially amazing for lesbian couples. During penetration, the molded head would go inside the receiving partner and the bulb-like end would be inside the thrusting partner.

Some of these dildos even sport protruding arms (like you see in rabbit vibrators) for clit stimulation. It’s to stress here, these dildos are fantastic for an explosive G-spot stimulation. The best ones in the market feature ridges that help to stimulate your clitoris and G-spot as you penetrate into your partner.

However, that does not mean a straight couple can’t enjoy strapless dildos. The male partner will hold the bulb-like head in his hand while thrusting the dildo inside the female partner. Otherwise, the female partner can use the dildo into the anus of the male partner for a sizzling pegging session. Unbeknownst to many, some straight men do enjoy penetration at the backdoor.

How to enjoy your strapless dildo?

Here are a few tips that will enable you to have fun with your strapless dildo.

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Strengthen Kegel muscles

This is a very important tip when it comes to exploring your strapless dildo. If your Kegel muscles aren’t strong, you won’t get a strong grip on the toy. Both the partners should have strong Kegel muscles to play with strapless dildo.

What are Kegel muscles? Well, these are the muscles which contract during orgasm. Kegel muscles are popularly known as vaginal muscles or sex muscles and orgasm muscles. Kegel exercises are very easy to perform and you can practice them every day. Just lie down and then squeeze the pelvic muscles. Hold on to that position for few seconds and then release. You will need to perform this exercise for 10 minutes minimum at a stretch. You can also perform Kegel exercise while sitting up. A great way to perform these exercises is with Yoni balls.

Use lubes

If you have used dildos before you already about the significance and benefits of lubrication in a dildo play. For those who will be using a sex toy for the first time, lubrication is a must when you are about to play with any kind of sex toy- including a strapless dildo. Lubrication makes the road slippery which allows for easy and painless penetration.

So, before you start your dildo play, lather a generous share of lube on both ends of the toy as both the ends will go inside the body. There are various kinds of lubrications available in the market. Silicone lubes are really great. They are thick and also last long despite minimal application. However, be careful of the material of the dildo while choosing a lube. Silicone lubes are not suitable for silicone toys. On the other hand, you will even find hybrid lubes these days that are made from both silicone and water.

Stimulating gels would be great

For more pleasure, go for stimulating gels during your strapless dildo sessions.

There are special gels for clit stimulation and G-spot stimulations. These gels would be really hot for women. If you are planning to use the strapless dildo in your male partner, there are special prostate stimulating gels available in the current market.

Try out other kinds of sex toys

Your dildo session doesn’t need to be limited a single dildo only. You can always add other kinds of sex toys to make things even more interesting for both of you. For starters, nipple clamps would be cool if you are okay with nipple pinch. Then, you can also use a clit vibrator to make it more sensation down under. Some couples also like to try light BDSM in their strapless dildo session. In this case, the dom makes the sub lie down and then ties up her hands and feet. The dom can also gag the mouth of the sub if she is comfortable with that. Then the mistress will gradually insert the dildo into the sub and thrust vigorously for a mindblowing climax.

Winding up

Let’s wind up with a brief review on some of the best strapless dildos in the market today.

Tantus Realdoe

This is a strapless dildo-cum-vibrator with 6” shaft. One of the best bits of the toy is surely its realistic look and color which will add more spice to your dildo sessions. Thanks to its 6” size, it’s good to use for the new dildo users. It carries a firm bulb made of silicone that allows easy grip during penetration. You will find ridges beneath the bulb which allows amazing clit stimulation for the wearer taking the bulb in. And since it’s a slim toy, it’s good for breezy and painless anal penetration as well.

Lovehoney Double-Wow

The dildo mentioned above is little on the expensive side. If you are looking for a more affordable option, this Lovehoney beauty would be the thing for you. You will love its well-defined head as well as raised veins which assure realistic sensations. However, just one ting, this dildo is 7” long. Hence it’s especially suitable for those who are accustomed with large dildos.

Both these toys are made from silicone and you must use water-based lube here.

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